Used Cars Sale Singapore

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Used Cars for Sale at CarQuote

Looking for used cars for sale? Are you on the lookout for the ride that meets your standards and budget? Worry no more. Here at CarQuote, we help our clients buy used cars for sale without hassle.

Since brand new cars are not as cheap as they used to be, getting entry level cars are now at a price range where mid-level cars are priced before. Therefore, getting a pre-owned car is now more practical.

Where Does CarQuote Get these Used Cars For Sale?

CarQuote only gets the best from our trusted network of sellers. We do not want to compromise the integrity of our business by selling cars that are not in tip-top shape.

To give you an idea on our network, here are a few samples.
1. Auctions

Repossessed vehicles from finance companies and banks often hold auctions to recover their loss from car owners who cannot repay their loans. We only bid for cars that meet our set of standards. With us, you are assured that what you are getting is not beat up.
2. New Car Distributors

We sometimes get our units from new car distributors by taking traded in cars. It does not mean that we get them for free though; we pay a fee to get the best cars traded in.
3. Direct Owners

Car owners who wish to part with their pre-loved vehicles can contact us directly. We make a thorough inspection of the car and the paperwork. We can assure our future buyers that the car they are buying is worth it.

What to Expect When Buying Used Cars for Sale from CarQuote?

Since you are going to buy used cars, you are not expecting something that is straight out of the manufacturers warehouse. Of course, there will be some minor issues that you would not find in a brand-new car. However, used does not equal to abused.

We love what we do and we take pride in our high standard. We do not deceive. Our cars may not be brand new but they will surely look and feel like it. We have a lot of used cars for sale that will look and feel like you are its first owner.

The CarQuote Guarantee

There are a few things that CarQuote can guarantee to you.

1. You are in great hands.

Our professional team handles an extensive network of more than 200 dealers and buyers. We see to it that our clients get the best deal there is – whether you are buying or selling.

2. We take care of the paperwork.

All the paperwork is handled by our team. You need not go through a pile of stuff to buy your dream ride.

3. Satisfaction guaranteed.

We pride ourselves in making customer satisfaction our primary objective. We make sure that our clients will go through swift and hassle-free transactions.
Are you ready to buy your new ride? Check out our used cars for sale and your dream ride might just be a phone call away. Get in touch with us at 9857 5704. Our friendly staff will be happy to accommodate your concerns!