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Your privacy is an important concern to
We fully commit in protecting your privacy by complying with current rules and legislation.
This Privacy Policy is designed to acquaint you with the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data, and the safeguards we have established in place to protect your information.
The principles set forth and strictly followed by are inspired by the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).

PDPA is the latest piece of legislation which concerns the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data. It governs the manner of how businesses and organizations collect, use, and disclose information. It further recognizes and balances the desire of individuals to protect information about themselves and the need of businesses to collect, use, and disclose such data in their daily transactions.

Note that your use of’s website is deemed as your consent to our collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information.
You are likewise deemed to have read, understood, and accepted this Privacy Policy.

1. Disclosure

We reserve the right to disclose your information to relevant authorities in order to comply with legal, governmental or regulatory obligations (including but not limited to, court orders, subpoenas and warrants). We may also disclose your information if a user is involved in activities which are unlawful, have breached the Terms and Conditions or caused harm to others.

2. Website Usage Information

Website usage information are pieces of information about your behavior while you are in our website. It is acquired through Google Analytic and it allows us to determine how many visitors there were, how long they stayed on the page, and what information they are looking for. This type of information is necessary for only one purpose: to help us improve our overall system, thereby, allowing us to make it easier for our visitors and clients to find the information they need. Website usage information is composed of statistical information about website visitors and provides your IP address.

3. Changes

We reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy at our sole discretion. In the event that is partially sold, merged into another company or transferred to another business entity, the acquiring company or business entity will obtain access to your information without your consent. Under such circumstances, a notification of change may be sent to you.

4. Data Protection and Privacy Principles followed by

(i) Requesting consent.

First, and as a sign of our respect to our clients, ensures that the consent of the individual parting with his or her personal data is acquired prior to the collection, use, or disclosure of such information. does not disclose personal information to any third-parties without consent from the clients. Moreover, we do not disclose your information to any non-affiliated third parties.
Rest assured that we comply not only to PDPA but also with the Singapore SPAM Control Act of 2007. Hence, we will also seek for your consent first before we send direct marketing materials.

(ii) Well-Notification does not simply want your consent. We want you to fully understand what you are consenting to. For this reason, we make any relevant information with regard the collection, use, and disclosure of information available at your disposal, especially when you are availing on our services.

(iii) Strict procedure to access and correct data.

Once you have provided us with your personal information, we strive to protect it in the best way possible. Thus, to access and edit the same, you need to follow a strict series of steps such to verify your identity. This way, we will be sure that the person accessing the data is the same person who provided the same. However, reserves the right to refuse anyone to access and correct information when that person has been shown to access frivolously.

(iv) Protection

The personal information disclosed to us will be kept private and confidential. Only a limited number of employees, authorized by have access to those information.

Here are a few protection measures we have put in place to keep your information secure:

• There is a competent group of Information Security Specialists who design and constantly improve our website’s security programme;
• We test the security of the website regularly in order to detect publicly-known vulnerabilities; and
• We have internal and external reviews conducted on our websites.

Our Privacy Principles guide us in the collection, use and disclosure of information and reinforce the role our employees play in protecting individual data privacy.

Disclaimer on liability will not sell any information to any third parties. Should there be a need to relay your information to affiliated parties in order to conduct the best service, we will obtain your consent first.
With these safeguards in place, shall not be held liable for any personal information hacked by other parties during transmission.

5. Data Protection Officer has appointed a Data Protection Officer, who will respond to any requests or concerns from you regarding this Privacy Policy, what personal data is held by us and how it has been used.
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